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10 Signs and Symptoms Cocaine Addiction Help Detox and Rehab

One size does not fit all when it comes to addiction therapy – what works for you may not work for everybody else. Some therapy options may include CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), group therapy, counselling, interpersonal therapy, family therapy, and many more. You should expect to experience cocaine cravings whilst withdrawing from cocaine, which can persist throughout the Crack Addiction acute withdrawal phase. A strategy that has continued to provide individuals with a cocaine addiction much needed assistance and awareness, is that of a support group. Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous are examples of support groups that help others overcome the grip of addiction. Individuals share stories in group activities, the meetings are held confidentially, and respectfully by a certified therapist.


After you have successfully flushed the cocaine and alcohol out of your system, we can get started on the next phase. Once taken, especially if snorted, smoked or injected, the effects are almost immediate. The user will be hit with a rush of euphoric stimulant effects that will last approximately 30 minutes. Of course, a list like that sounds very appealing, however, you mustn’t fall prey to the charms of short-term pleasures because the negative effects that go with it are not to be desired. Cocaine has very desired effects and has a reputation as being a “Champagne and Cocaine” party drug.


Physical withdrawal from cocaine usually peaks within 1-3 days after use and subsides after about a week. A Cocaine detox (or detoxification) is the first step in overcoming an addiction to cocaine. It is the process of abstaining from cocaine until all traces of the drug and toxins leave the body. This process can take a while and depends on factors such as the last time used, amount used, your height, weight, gender and metabolism, but this normally takes 1-2 weeks of abstinence.

Cocaine Detox

Where misuse has become habitual over time, or it is being used as a coping mechanism, while other aspects of life get out of control – addiction usually responds best to structured help via a system. A menu of specialist drug addiction recovery programmes at Abbeycare clinics can assist in detoxing and understanding the drivers lying underneath the use of cocaine as a coping mechanism. Cocaine is a Class A stimulant drug, once addicted, trying to stop cocaine without medical intervention will produce a variety of cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Delamere delivers a unique and holistic approach to healing from addiction. We ensure that all of our cocaine addicted patients undergo a full medical detox before undergoing a full cocaine rehabilitation programme.


To increase the chance of a successful recovery and life of sobriety it is important to receive guidance from a reliable source. It’s easier to relapse when detoxing at home, because you are not in a controlled environment and you won’t have the extra medical assistance to help with any cravings. There is also the danger of suffering complications with no medical professional on hand to assist. Not only will the doctors monitor your vitals and the detox process, they may also prescribe medication to help along the way, where necessary. With the right support system in place, you can find the time to get back on your feet.


Medication for Withdrawal Symptoms Following Cocaine Detox


Despite the addictive nature of cocaine being widely known, thousands are still drawn to it and continue to use it with often complete disregard to the negative impact it has on their lives. Ideally, treatment for drug addiction should occur in residential rehab, where medical professionals can monitor your withdrawal symptoms. Our detox varies depending on whether the substance is a lone problem or is accompanied by misuse of other substances, the amount the patient is using, and if there any underlying mental health issues. will help you find the best treament for you or a loved one with just one telephone call. Our fully trained addiction counsellors are here 24 hours a day and offer advice on both NHS and private treatment options. For these reasons, we recommend medically supervised detox at a private rehab clinic.


Cocaine Cravings Timeline


All our staff are in recovery from a range of addictions (including cocaine), and many have been through the detox and rehab process themselves. Furthermore, our rehab clinic was recently rated 100% by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and we are proud to provide low-cost treatment, with family programmes and free lifetime aftercare as standard. A cocaine detox can occur in an in-patient rehab facility or at home with you as an out-patient. A cocaine detox in a controlled environment is proven more successful, as you receive round-the-clock care and support.


If you know someone struggling with a cocaine addiction, who’s looking for help to get their life back on track, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Speak to our addiction specialists can help with drug addiction and rehab centres. When it comes to a cocaine addiction, many don’t realise that it’s actually the psychological addiction that can be the hardest part to overcome. Unfortunately, no substitute drug for cocaine exists, so we will manage your withdrawal symptoms with anti-sickness medication and pain relief. The human body develops a tolerance to cocaine over time, which is how serious cocaine misuse starts.


Help for cocaine detox


One of the most commonly used and applied types of therapy is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This treatment option may not be the best since patients aren’t monitored 24/7. Interventions are not always the most suitable approach to encouraging an individual to enter rehab and forcing this method on anyone is likely to have negative consequences. This often takes place in the individual’s home or counsellor’s office and focuses on the engagement between the individual and those affected by their addiction. In these situations, it is vital not to overwhelm the individual or make them feel as though they have to speak about their situation.

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